For over 20 years, BTG has strategically partnered with clients to provide application software services. This includes the entire application software development cycle: design, development, testing and implementation.

Internet and Object-Oriented Technologies

BTG software development specialists are skilled in the latest development tools, including JAVA, J2EE, C#, Spring and Hibernate frameworks, and have designed, developed and implemented application solutions for clients, including internet and mobile banking applications.

EAE Development and Testing

BTG software development specialists are well recognized in the EAE user community as experts in Unisys EAE (LINC) development tools for more than 20 years. BTG has been a field test site for several EAE releases and has provided formal EAE product release testing services for Unisys EAE development centers in the US and Australia.

EAE to Agile Business (AB) Suite Migration

BTG's EAE to AB Suite migration services began in 2008, following the migration of our proprietary retail banking system to AB Suite. Since this time, our team has helped a number of organizations move to the new Unisys development environment.

Platform Migration

BTG software specialists have expertise in migrating application software systems to different platforms.

Application Software Services Clients include: Unisys Corporation in the US and Australia, governmental agencies in Sweden, a school technology solutions company in the US, various banks in Latvia, Sweden and the Netherlands and a bank service provider in the US.

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